foods containing glutamates

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Carrageenan (407) Grapes, sultanas, raisins
Pectin (440) Green peas (not so high)
Gums Broccoli, spinach
Carob bean extract Mushrooms
Guar gum Sweet corn
Locust bean extract Tomatoes (including pastes, powders and sauce)
Bouillon and broth Plums, prunes
Stock: liquid, powder and cubes Balsamic vinegar
Natural beef, chicken, oak wood smoke, pork or wood smoke flavouring Worcestershire sauce
Any ‘flavours’ or ‘flavouring’ Fermented fish sauces
Maltodextrin Vegemite
Barley malt, malted barley flour, malt flavouring Marmite
Malt extract Miso
Anything ‘ultra-pastuerized’ Tempeh
Protease, protease enzymes, bacterial proteases Brie cheese
Anything ‘enzyme modified’ Camembert cheese
Anything containing ‘enzymes’ Parmesan cheese
Lecithin Roquefort cheese
Soy sauce, soy extract, soy sauce extract Gouda cheese
Soy sauce powder Gruyère cheese
Anything ‘protein fortified’ Chicken salt
Anything ‘fermented’ Brandy
Seasonings Sherry
Anything ‘enriched’ or ‘vitamin enriched’ Port
Low or no fat items Wine
Anything ‘modified’ Rum
Anything ‘fortified’ Autolyzed yeast
Citric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids (472) Brewers yeast
Citric acid or citrate (330) Torula yeast
Calcium citrates (333) Yeast food or nutrient
Triammonium citrate (380) Yeast extract
Potassium citrates (332) Hydrolysed plant protein
Sodium citrates (331) Hydrolysed vegetable protein (hvp)
Triethyl citrate (1505) Protein hydrolysates
Dough conditioners Anything ‘hydrolyzed’
Dough improvers Any ‘hydrolyzed protein’
Corn oil Calcium caseinate
Modified corn Sodium caseinate
Corn syrup Gelatin
Corn syrup solids Textured protein
Fructose Soy protein or soy protein concentrate
Gluten Soy protein isolate
Gluten flour Whey protein or whey protein concentrate
Corn, rice, oat, or wheat protein Whey protein isolate
Textured protein Anything ‘protein’
Textured soy protein (TSP) Vetsin
Textured vegetable protein (TVP) Ajinomoto
Hydrolysed pea protein
Cheese powder
Dry milk solids
Lipolysed butter fat
Milk concentrate
Milk powder
Skim milk powder
Brown rice syrup
Rice syrup
Modified corn starch
Modified food starch
Wheat starch
Kombu extract
All purpose seasoning
Annatto (160B)
Caramel colouring and flavouring (150A-150D)
Savoury, cheese or spicy flavoured snack foods, biscuits and chips
Flavoured noodles, chips and snacks
Gravy mix, gravy
Crumbing mixes
Seasoned salt
Soups or sauces
Prepared meals
Frozen foods and meals
Pies, party pies, sausage rolls
Processed and deli meats
Chicken nuggets
Flavoured tuna
Vegetarian burgers and sausages
Most fast foods or takeaway foods e.g. Pizza, roast or BBQ chicken, hot chips, pies, sauce


This list is a culmination of experience and research.
Sources include: Fedup | Truth in Labelling | Millhouse Medical | SSWAHS | Euphory | Easy to Avoid