Going Gluten Free Permanently eBook On Sale Now!

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  I am very excited to announce my new eBook The Food Werewolf Guide: Going Gluten Free Permanently is officially on sale today! Hooray!  This book is a culmination of many months work to bring you a complete guide to living gluten free for good.  The transformation to a gluten free lifestyle can be an overwhelming […]

Top 12 Products That Contain Hidden Gluten

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These days you can take a quick look at the shelves of any store and see the words gluten free everywhere. But how do you know if products are truly gluten free?  Hidden gluten is often lurking in unknown places and accidentally eating gluten can be quite a painful setback if you are gluten intolerant or have coeliac […]

What Is Gluten? And Other Common Questions About Gluten…

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Did you know coeliac disease affects about 1 in 70 Australians, but over 300 000 people (over  80%) are undiagnosed?* Or that non-coeliac gluten sensitivity effects 6-7% of the population? That’s over a million people in Oz alone. So how do you know if you should go gluten free?  Let’s take a look at a few of the common […]


creating calm with mindfulness

You may have noticed a bit of a decrease in blog posts here at The Food Werewolf this year.  Lots of awesome changes in our family routine and new beginnings have meant things have been a little hectic in our household.  So I’ve been looking at the lessons in patience and peace this time has been […]

Taming Toddler Tantrums

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Toddlers are just beginning to learn how to communicate, express themselves and understand their world, which means it can be hard for parents to decipher a toddler’s life, let alone find the cause of their problems. Whilst we all know a household with a toddler is a stormy ride, the key to finding some calm […]


5 tips to help with adhd

The prevalence of ADHD, ADD and ODD in society today is astonishing.   For kids, parents and families, the stigma attached to ADHD can be remarkably intense and often very unpleasant. At school, playgroups, shopping centres and parties, those with ADHD are often singled out and noticed. The effects of this are huge for all concerned […]