TFW_Factsheet_10 Steps to Successful Change
1. Define the problem – What do you want to change?

2. Empower yourself – Why do you want to change?

3. Look within – identify the obstacles – Why is change so hard?

4. Prepare ahead – What can you do to overcome the obstacles?

5. Summon your support – What will you need to help you change?

6. Set the start time for change – When will you start the change process

7. Plan the steps to change – What are the first three steps I need to take towards change?

8. Visualise the positive outcome you’re planning – How will you know when you’ve achieved the change? What are your ideal outcomes?

9. Allow for being human – What will you do if you ‘fall off the wagon’? How will you get back on?!

10. Be kind to you! – Check out your progress and reward yourself along the way

TFW_Factsheet_10 Steps to Successful Change2