My experience is not an extreme one.heart balloon_edit In fact, it’s a story that is told by a lot of my friends, and their friends too. It’s one of trusting my intuition, and going back to good old-fashioned basics to improve our family’s lifestyle and health. It’s about going ADDITIVE-FREE.

I discovered early on in my son’s life that his moods, behaviour and health were a rollercoaster ride. One minute, he was my happy bouncing baby, and the next, a little terror! Did I happen to mention the word Werewolf???

When the coincidences were too many, I started to research, observe and document. I have post-graduate qualifications in psychology, so this scientific approach came naturally to me. And you know what? The results of this most personal of studies were indisputable.

My beautiful son had sensitivities to additives and ingredients in food – and that included food colouring, preservatives, gluten and other man-made substances (the “numbers”) that we find in so many purchased and processed products.

We were fortunate to add a beautiful daughter to our brood and witnessed similar behaviours and problems as our son, and surprisingly, my husband and I even started to become aware of our own food sensitivities. So it made sense to make a change for our entire family’s well being.

With enormous amounts of research, and changes to our meal plans, we were able to cut out the additives and ingredients that caused problems. I knew that these changes would have to be permanent, so I used my professional training to create change that was manageable and palatable. We have seen an incredible transformation – the rollercoaster is no more, and we have two calm and stable children whose behaviour is not perfect, by any means, but is totally acceptable to us as we muddle through the child-rearing business.

I have fielded so many questions from friends, and helped my clients with their own additive-free lifestyle journeys. It was a natural step for me to bring together all this knowledge and experience to create a serve-it-to-me-on-a-platter program – The Food Werewolf.

Join me on a journey of change that includes articles, advice, inspiration and a solid plan for you to take a step towards a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. The big difference? My qualifications in psychology and education mean I have integrated the skills in my program to make the change permanent and individually tailored – real food for real families. Together we can find a balance that is right for you and your family, without going to extremes.

I’ll be keeping you up-to-date and inspired with articles right here on the blog. Make sure you sign up here for the latest tips and tricks to help you move to an additive-free lifestyle, and be the FIRST to get the benefits of my experience with this program when The Food Werewolf launches.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Loren x
BBehSc(Psych), PGDipPsych, GradDipEd