My mission is to:sunrise
Develop, produce, promote and distribute products and services associated with tasty, healthy additive free real food, through compassionate coaching and comprehensive technology tools.

My job is done when:

  • I have brought back the joy of eating fresh, homemade yummy food to people of all ages and reconnected the young and the old in a celebration of the wonderful energy of life, food and family
  • I have helped to create holistic permanent lifestyle changes for families – the little and the big kids
  • I have motivated, supported, empowered and enacted change in the way people eat sooo much that the world is brim full of calm, happy families eating healthy, additive free foods! (until such time, I aim to help one family at a time!)
  • Using real foods and effective strategies, I have helped real families, make lasting change to their eating habits – without going to extremes – at a level that is uniquely right for them

Along with our fabulous clients, I also want to support and celebrate:

  • The many wonderful health practitioners throughout the world who support a holistic healing approach and warmly welcome them into my community of natural healthy happy beings
  • The hard working and passionate bloggers, authors and food providers who share their love and energy for real additive-free foods and lifestyles
  • The clever and beautiful people scattered throughout the universe who help us all grow as humans and achieve a higher level of energy and being by sharing the journey through the wonders of modern technology (and real human contact too!)

I firmly believe we have all been placed on this planet together to help and learn from each other and there is no greater joy than sharing the love and energy! Thank you for being part of the journey in ‘this time called life’ – together we’ll work out what it’s all about and how to do it with big smiles on our faces and happy healthy hearts, minds, bodies and spirits!

Be kind to you, compassionate to all beings and love this beautiful universe within which we exist.

Loren x
The Food Werewolf