Recently had a great chat with a lovely likeminded family man who just happens to be the very hardworking name behind the fabulous BONAH organic meats…Whilst I may live in a quite isolated location and have limited access to the abundance of awesome organic shops out there, one very large advantage is I can access fresh organic meat straight from the farmer…

How cool is that?!

Anyway, during our chat, Nathan from BONAH shared a lovely story (which I’m sure he won’t me mind sharing with you all) about a moment that helped increase his family’s awareness to the effects of food additives.  When he was a boy, it was his job to feed the working dogs on the farm and they’d been having troubles with the dogs being aggressive and unpredictable and not their usual obedient selves (most working dogs are very well known for being beautifully obedient).

When feeding the dogs one day, he discovered there were Twisties (yes the very yellow chips I highly recommend you steer clear of) being used as a filler in the dog food.  Nathan’s clever father made the decision to switch to more natural dog foods and they all noticed a change in their dogs’ behaviour – no more problems.

How many of our beloved pets are being exposed to the same nasties we’re trying to avoid in our kids’ foods? My pets are my kids too, so this story really hit home for me. Brings a whole new meaning to The Food Werewolf!

Do you have a story you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear it!
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Loren x
The Food Werewolf

P.S. I am very grateful to have BONAH organic meats included in The Food Werewolf database – the list of fantastic products on board is growing rapidly!

If you are interested in enjoying some of Nathan’s organic meat range, check for an order form or list of stockists in NSW, VIC and ACT