Additive Free School Holiday Activities for Kids: Part 2

sch hols part 2

With the holidays well and truly underway, it always helps to have a few activities up your sleeve to keep the kids occupied. School holiday activities quite often involve foods that are best to avoid. So to help you keep the calm and enjoy these holidays with your kids, here’s part two of my blog series dedicated to additive free activities for kids.

Activity 2 Have fun in the kitchen

No sports or after school activities means you have a little extra time on your hands in the holidays, which is always a welcome relief after a busy term! Why not use some of that extra time to do a bit of cooking with the kids? Not only does a cook up day help build food intelligence and relationships, it can also serve to stock up your kitchen with goodies ready for the next school term.

sch hol activity 2

To get you started, here are a few tips… (click on the highlighted text for links to recipes)

* Find out your kids favourite meal or research together a recipe you think they will like based on their taste/texture preferences.
* If your kids aren’t up to googling recipes, suggest a few options.
* Your suggestions could include a known favourite meal with a twist to help introduce new tastes and textures in a safe way.
* For example, instead of spaghetti bolognaise, try basil and sundried tom pesto pasta with grilled zucchini, chicken and mushrooms; instead of chick schnitzel try chicken parmigiana; instead of creamy bacon cabonara, try creamy cheesy vegetable pasta.
* Pick a savoury and a sweet recipe so the focus is not just on making cakes and treats.
* Here’s a simple chocolate brownies recipe the kids could easily make with a little help.
Click here for more recipe ideas.

Bring back the joy of cooking and get in the kitchen with the kids these holidays! Please share your creations on The Food Werewolf Facebook page by clicking here.

Happy holidays cooking!
Loren x