Additive Free School Holiday Activities for Kids: Part 3

sch hol activities part 3For those lucky enough to be home with the kids for the school holidays, the days usually go by very quickly. With only a few weeks these holidays, it’s important to fit a few good things in as well as have a few lazy days to revamp ready for the next term (the last school term of the year always requires a bit extra to make it through to the end doesn’t it?!). A few special days amongst the 14 still leaves plenty of time for friends to come over and play and kids to do whatever they please. So today’s blog is all about chilling out at home and having fun with your kids… and maybe a little bit of reconnecting with your inner child!

Activity 3. Have a pyjama day

sch hol activity 3

In case you haven’t noticed, I find balance as a rather important part of life. There are plenty of days for exercise, especially during school term where the kids and parents spend most of our time running around. Taking a day out from it all can be medicine for the body and soul. SO why not have a pyjama day – if nothing else, it saves on washing! 🙂

Plan your pyjama day with the kids and let everyone pick a favourite activity to do together. If someone is stuck for ideas or all responses require an electronic device, introduce to some good old classics. Yep – just like your new eating habits, take it back to basics and

  • dust off the old board games
  • introduce your kids to elastics or marbles
  • do some drawing
  • play snap or go fish
  • play hide and seek
  • draw chalk pictures on the concrete outside
  • jump on the trampoline (ignore the strange looks from neighbours as you jump in your pjs!) or
  • simply stare at the clouds to find shapes.

The novelty will be entertainment enough and reconnecting with your inner child is never a bad thing for the soul!

We love doing a few relaxation activities on our pyjama days, use some ear candles on each other, meditation with crystals and foot massages for a little pampering.

After a few fun activities, make the most of your pjs day and pop on a movie to lounge around for the afternoon.

What to eat on such a day?

With the kids home all day, they can be prone to grazing and constantly checking the fridge for something delectable to magically appear. I find it’s best to have a few snacks on hand and ready for the holidays…

How about a cheese and crackers or nibblies platter with a yummy dip?

Or yoghurt with some granola muesli for added crunch.

Cheese mini muffins are always good for little hands and so easy to cook.

Or to keep the kids entertained, make some salad faces on corn thins or simply on their plate (let them use their imagination to discover what veges work best for eyes, ears, hair and lips J)

And of course, salty caramel popcorn is always good whilst watching a movie.

The options are endless!

Well, there you have it folks. A great reason to stay at home, keep your pyjamas on and chill out with some good old fashioned fun with the kids. Treat yourselves to healthy additive free food whilst enjoying a relaxing day at home and rejuvenate your body and soul!

Happy holidays!

Loren x