sch hols activities part 4With the school holidays now in full swing, it can start to get harder to find things to occupy the kids. Part 4 of my school holiday blog series will help you with another idea to keep the kids entertained and feed them healthy additive free food too. It is easy to fall into the trap of being indoors and allowing electronics to take over the holidays, so today’s blog is all about making the most of the outdoors and spring sunshine, keeping the kids active and healthy.

Activity 4. Have a picnic in the park

The flowers are out, the days are warming up and the air is fresh and clean. Far too nice to stay indoors and ignore! So why not pull out the bikes or scooters, pack a picnic basket and head to the nearest park for a day out with the kids. The simple act of heading to the park for a play on the swings is enough to break up the day and has the added bonus of introducing a little exercise too.

sch hols activity 4To really make a day of it, pack a picnic to enjoy on the grass after a good game or cricket or your favourite choice of ball games. The novelty of a bite to eat in the outdoors is always fun for kids! So what to pack for food?

How about some pizza scrolls and a fresh batch of scones with jam and cream?

Kids love pizza scrolls as they are like little mini pizzas but presented in a fun way! And they’re easy enough to make, which means they’re perfect for little hands to help. Put any filling you like in them, just be sure the ingredients are additive free!

A picnic is the quintessential morning or afternoon tea setting. Which means scones are the perfect treat, and again a super easy recipe to make in the morning before heading out. Plus, you get to come home to the smell of freshly cooked scones still wafting in the air – a most welcoming spring scent for the indoors!

My special treat for you today dear readers, is my dear Mum’s scone recipe. (excuse me whilst I reminisce!)

These fresh, light fluffy scones with a crunchy exterior take pride of place in many a childhood memory of mine – and my terribly talented mum can whip them up in a jiffy, in any kitchen and they always turn out perfectly (even out camping – ahhh the joy of freshly made scones around a campfire or by a trickling creek :-)). Ok, so my Dad may try to take credit for the end result when they’re being cooked in a campover over a fire, but we all know that team effort was always grounded in Mum’s masterful scones! So at the risk of talking them up too much, I strongly suggest you give them a try, with a light hand and lots of love! (think of my Mum as you do so and they’ll have that extra chance of success I’m sure!). Oh! And they’re best enjoyed with some delicious homemade jam or honey and fresh organic cream. Yummo!

Don’t have a nearby park or it just seems to hard to venture out? Even your backyard is a treat for a picnic. Make it a little special by spreading out a picnic blanket, collect some flowers and arrange them as an invitation for the fairies to join you and enjoy the sunshine!

Whatever park you wander to with your kids these spring holidays, enjoy your additive free picnic and the benefits of clean eating for the rest of the holidays will be noticed in your calm and happy household!

Happy picnic-ing!

Loren x