’m passionate about kids’ behaviour and good food. And I truly believe that we are what we eat. Whether it’s additive-free eating, going organic, working around intolerances, or just improving our kids’ future outlook, my aim is to educate and help manage the change to excellent eating habits for families.

So! Let’s start at the beginning as I share a little about my family and how I got them to eat the sort of foods they have in their lunch boxes… Why? Because whilst I think we’re a relatively *normal family, we do eat foods that aren’t in your average fridge or pantry and on more than one occasion, friends have asked for my help to work out how to get their families to eat the foods we do and how to have relatively normal (there’s that word again) well-behaved children to boot.

There’s definitely a link between food and behaviour and I’m right into both these things. So much so, that I listened to my friends’ cry for help (and a rather large nudge from the universe to get my butt into gear and do something I am so passionate about) and started making it my job to help other families with food and behaviour and how to maximise the synergy between the two.

I’m not one to go to extremes – I used to be, but have since grasped (though still refining) the concept of balance – and I have such admiration for the amazing people out there that follow full on strict organic/real foods eating habits and make things from scratch on a daily basis.  I really wish I had the time and ‘know how’ to do that!  What I do have is a more ‘real’ approach to food.  I LOVE food, especially fresh, yummy real food – and for a number of reasons I have taken to making sure my family does too.

So after much soul searching and contemplation, I have decide to bite the bullet. With my training in psychology and education, I am dedicated to sharing my knowledge of food, the balance, the energy, the real, the change, the how, the family, the behaviour and the vibe of the thing (your honour) to try and help more people!

Please feel free to comment below and send in questions, I’d love to hear from you!

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*let’s use that term ‘normal’ quite loosely…we actually revel in being a little on the weird side – as my son likes to say “weird is just a side effect of awesome” and who doesn’t want to be a bit awesome?!  There’s no such thing as normal anyway…