Warming Winter Creamy Pork with Tarragon Casserole

We are being spoilt thanks to my Mum and Dad visiting at the moment so I just had to share one of the delicious meals my Mum has made for us this week 🙂 It’s the perfect warming winter casserole, so quick and easy to make and is a nice change to the usual beef stew. What […]

Super Easy Additive Free Citrus Recipes (gluten free and rather delish too!)

A little over two years ago, I got some dwarf citrus trees from my favourite online gardening store – Diggers – and I am so excited to be reaping the rewards of my citrus crops this winter!  I am most proud to say I have mandarins, lemons, limes, oranges, cumquats and grapefruit on my trees – […]

Does Your Family Need To Avoid Food Additives?

Things are a little busy here at The Food Werewolf den with new additions to the family in the form of eight furry puppies… Of course this means not a lot is getting done but there’s oodles of cuteness and love to go around.  Yay! This precious time shared with our furry kids and the changes […]

Is Beer Gluten Free?

Just diagnosed as a coeliac or sensitive to gluten? Want to know if you can still drink beer? In essence, the answer is no. Beer contains gluten.  But if you’re a beer lover, do keep reading, as you don’t have to take no for an answer! Ok folks, this blog is not one for the kids. This […]

The Food Werewolf Beanfields Gluten Free Giveaway! – Now Closed

To help celebrate the release of my new ebook Going Gluten Free Permanently, I have teamed up with some awesome gluten free products and stores to run several giveaway competitions and offer special discounts for friends of The Food Werewolf. Today’s giveaway is thanks to the fabulous folks at Beanfields and is a special competition […]