Food Additive Of The Week – Sulphites and Sour Grapes…

In a recent blog, I mentioned how certain foods and ingredients, both natural and as additives, can trigger respiratory and skin problems.  A particular subgroup of additives – sulphites – have well known connections to symptoms such as asthma, skin ailments, headaches and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), yet despite over 25 years of growing evidence on it’s unwanted […]

Additive Free Organic Peanut Butter Protein Balls Recipe

Protein balls are the perfect snack for lunch boxes or afternoon tea as they’re super filling and full of goodness, but they can be expensive to buy and contain a lot of unnecessary ingredients and additives.  The solution is to make your own at home!  My daughter loves peanut butter, so we have a couple of […]

Gluten Free Anzac Biscuits Recipe (with a twist!)

With a momentous Anzac day almost upon us, it only seemed fitting to bake up a batch of the good old traditional Anzac biccies for the kids lunch boxes this week.  In true The Food Werewolf form and with the help of our darling creative daughter, we decided to make our favourite Anzac biscuits recipe […]

Healthy Homemade Marshmallows

  Every year I say I’m going to make my own marshmallows and every year I find an excuse not to… Well this year I finally bit the bullet and gave it a bash, and I’m left wondering why it took me so long!  I always thought making marshmallows would be difficult.  Turns out it’s […]

Easter Chocolate Choices For Food Sensitivities & Where To Buy Them

Quite unbelievably, Easter is just around the corner and it can be a dreaded time for those with food sensitivities.  Easter chocolates are often loaded with additives, colouring, flavouring and preservatives, which of course, leads to behaviour problems and health issues for some.  The good news is, there are actually a few good brands that create […]

Edible Gluten Free Christmas Table Decorations: Part 2 Gingerbread House

After last week’s success with my very first edible Christmas table decoration – a gluten free shortbread star Christmas tree – I was all pumped up to have a bash at the next feat… A gloriously rustic and very Christmasy looking gingerbread house! Gluten free and additive free, of course. Well, dear readers, it turns […]