Common Foods that contain Additives

common products containing additives

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* Baking products including icings and colourings
* Biscuits, lollies and chocolates
* Breads, breadrolls, croissants, tortillas, tacos, flatbreads, etc
* Breakfast cereals, breakfast biscuits and drinks
* Butters, margarines and oils
* Canned, bottled fruits and vegetables
* Chips, popcorn and snack foods
* Cheese – cottage, block, grated & sliced, sticks, spreads, etc
* Condiments and spreads including jams, Vegemite, relishes,
mustards etc
* Drinks – fruit juice, cordial, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks
* Dried fruits
* Fast foods and takeaway foods, including hot chips
* Frozen and fresh pre-made pastries
* Frozen meals and seafoods including pies, sausage rolls, spring
rolls, pizzas, crumbed fish etc
* Gravy mixes, seasonings and stock cubes
* Ice-creams – especially coloured, flavoured ones
* Low fat and reduced fat spreads, yoghurts, creams, etc
* Pasta and noodles, including 2-minute noodles
* Packaged baked goods – cakes, pikelets, pancakes, waffles,
biscuits, pastries, etc
* Pre-packed, processed items including single serve lunch box
items e.g. museli bars, popcorn etc
* Processed meats
* Ready made packet meals, soups and sauces e.g. packet pastas,
cup-a-soups, sauces, dressings, vinegar and mayonnaise
* Salamis, ham, packaged/processed chicken, beef, etc
* Sausages and meats with sauces or marinades – pre-packed
marinated or seasoned kebabs, roasts etc
* Yoghurts – especially flavoured ones
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