One on one consultations

At the end of your tether? Let me help!violentboy

I can give you tips and strategies to change tastes, break habits and the information and tools you need to have a happier, healthier, calmer family and lifestyle, permanently!

I don’t want to take you or your children to extremes – at The Food Werewolf we keep it real!  Real food for real families, at a level and commitment with which you are comfortable.  We are all wonderfully unique individuals and I’ll use my background in psychology and education to assess and create the right eating plan for your family, at the right pace for you…and I can give it all to you on a silver platter!

It’s not just about the food, it’s about the journey and how to get rid of the obstacles along the way.  I can teach, empower, inspire and support you – I will be there from the very beginning until the awesome end, to celebrate and share your success.

Let me guide you and your family in your journey to feeling happier, calmer and healthier, with everybody enjoying additive free foods as part of everyday life.

One on One Consultations will include:
Chats face to face, via skype, email, facetime or phone to:

Make a plan

  • assess your unique family needsfamilyplaying
  • discover the right ‘level’ of commitment and change
  • develop the best plan for successful change to additive free eating – not just what foods to eat but more importantly, how your family will do it in a fun, supportive way to maximize your chance of success

Get started

  • guide and support you through the ‘preparations’ for change – the solid foundations necessary to set you up for success, not failure (goal setting, cleaning out your fridge and pantry, shopping, etc)
  • help everybody in the family (and outside the family too!) get on board and ready for the change
  • provide the best tools, strategies and information so you are empowered to inform and educate your family, overcome the obstacles, change habits, introduce new tastes, foods and manage behaviours
  • design meal plans suitable for your family’s budget, schedule, tastes and desired outcomes, including recipes, tips and timesaving strategies

Keep you on track

  • motivate and inspire you through the rough patches and keep the balance in your life
  • once the transformation has started and the eating plan is underway, weekly ‘checkups’ to reflect on and assess your
    family’s progress to discover if there is a need for any ‘tweaking’ or modifications

Set you free!boy-fruit

  • once the program is finished, analysis and assessment and maintenance/support to ensure your family is ready to spread their wings and fly (ie: go it alone because your outcomes have been reached and the change is permanent, manageable and real for everyday life)

My commitment to provide the highest quality of care to my clients means there are extremely limited one on one consulting opportunities available. I’m currently at capacity. If you would like to join the client waiting list, I will contact you as soon as there is an opening.

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