Need a little sweetness?desserts  Here’s a few additive free desserts for you and your family.  For more ideas, click here for some sweet treats ideas or check out The Food Werewolf Pinterest Page by clicking on the icon below.  A lot of these dessert recipes can easily have rice syrup as a sugar substitute for lower fructose levels.  Remember, it’s not always the sugar in treats that leads to behavioural problems, it’s usually the additives.  Keep the nutritional balance with additive free healthy foods and a little sugar now and then won’t send the insulin levels crazy!

Puddings, Pies & Crumbles 

Hot Cross Bun Pudding

Never Fail Fruit Crumble

Chia Seed Pudding


Easy Baked Rice Custards with Fruit

My Mums Baked Rice Pudding

Basic Custard

Cakes, Tarts & Buns

Coconut Berry Cake

Sticky Golden Syrup & Chocolate Buns

Chocolate Brownies

My Mum’s Scones

Super Citrus Tart

If you love them, share them (and let me know!!).