Easter Chocolate Choices For Food Sensitivities & Where To Buy Them

easter choicesQuite unbelievably, Easter is just around the corner and it can be a dreaded time for those with food sensitivities.  Easter chocolates are often loaded with additives, colouring, flavouring and preservatives, which of course, leads to behaviour problems and health issues for some.  The good news is, there are actually a few good brands that create Easter options for those with food sensitivities.  To help make life easy for the Easter bunny and parent bunny helpers, I have put together a few ideas to help make this Easter a calm and happy one – free of food additives but still full of fabulous chocolate-y goodness. So if your family is additive free, dairy free, gluten free, organic or just looking for healthier options this Easter, this blog is for you!  Here are our family favourites for Easter treats…

*Please note this blog contains affiliate links in the text and advertising, which means I will receive a small financial gain if you choose to purchase products from the links/stores provided. I only associate myself with affiliates who share The Food Werewolf values and mission to help families transform their lives and create calm with additive free and organic products.

Moo Free Chocolate Range

moo free easter egg 2Our kids have been fans for the Moo Free range for a few years now and the range is awesome! From choc drops to bunnycomb bars and the good old traditional hollow Easter egg, we’ve just about tried them all ☺

Moo Free chocolates are dairy free, gluten free, wheat free, lactose free, vegetarian and vegan friendly. Which may make you think they aren’t the tastiest of chocolates to try, but rest assured my kids both agree the chocolate tastes great, and they actually choose it over ‘regular’ chocolate.

We always try to have a few of the original bars in the pantry to cover for special occasions when the kids might be given a chocolate from a teacher or sports coach and they happily bring the ‘regular’ chocolate home to swap for the moo free bars. Being close to Easter, this usually happens quite a bit…

The best bit about these chocolates in my opinion is that they are certified organic – which is not always easy to find in gluten and dairy free products.

You can get the full range of Moo Free Chocolates from Happy Tummies – an online allergy free food store and Moo Free Easter eggs from Biome – an online eco store.

Plamil Chocolate Rangeplamil eggs 2

Plamil are the clever folks that make the dairy free, gluten free and organic advent calendars for Christmas, so we’ve tried and tested this chocolate and it gets a two thumbs up from the kids too! Again it ticks all the boxes for food sensitivities and is organic too.

Their Easter range includes dairy free, gluten free, nut free, vegan and organic hollow eggs and smaller half-eggs, plus ones that are also sugar free egg (sweetened with xylitol). Plamil Easter chocolates are available from Biome and Happy Tummies.

Bonvita Chocolate Bunnies

If you’re looking from something other than an egg, try the Bonvita Chocolate Bunnies. These cute little bunnies were a hit last Easter for our kids – you can get 10 small bunnies in a bag from Biome. Again, they are Organic, diary free, gluten free, wheat free, vegan and made from rice milk.

Organic Times Rangeorganic times bunny 2

The Organic Times folks make all sorts of yummy sweet treats, including the awesome organic smarties/m&m replacement – Little Gems which decorated our Christmas gingerbread houses last year. Their Easter range includes big and small hollow eggs, and of course the fabulous large hollow bunny. Their delicious chocolate is certified organic and fairtrade and comes in milk and dark chocolate varieties. The large bunny was a big wow for our kids last Easter as it was the first time they’d had a large bunny – eggs were the only option for us previously due to the size of the kids (and bunnies!) and our remote location ☺… These chocolates do contain dairy, so not suitable for those that are dairy free. Biome stock the Organic Times Easter chocolate range.

Banjo the Carob Bunny/Bear

If you’re looking for a non cocoa version of Easter treats, this Australian carob Easter egg is a good option. Made from organically grown carob powder, their products are gluten free, preservative free and palm oil free. But the best bit is, there is no caffeine ☺ Perfect if you’re wanting the kids to sleep at the end of a chocolate-filled day! Biome and Happy Tummies stock the Banjo range.

Loving Earth Rangeloving earth mint choice 2

Ok so they may not be in the shape of an egg or bunny, but I can’t blog on Easter chocolate without mentioning the Loving Earth range of chocolates. There are too many to mention in great detail, but if you’re after a few bars or cute heart shaped options (especially good for the older kids who don’t mind if it’s not egg shaped), do check out their range at Biome or Happy Tummies. Their gluten free, dairy free, egg free, vegan, organic and raw chocolates are smooth silky bites of deliciousness. I particularly recommend my favourites – the caramel chocolate and mint dark chocolate.

Pana Chocolate Range

Another great alternative to the egg and bunny is this raw organic vegan chocolate range of chocolate. I have a soft spot for the coconut goji chocolate and the good thing about the Pana chocolate is it is quite rich and flavoursome, so you actually can just eat a bit or two and be happy ☺ Check out the Pana chocolate range at Biome.


easter bunny biscuits

Finally, if you are into making your own treats for the kids, you will find an awesome range of moulds and melting chocolate options at Happy Tummies. There are even cookie cutter shapes for some Easter baking with the kids.  If you’re looking for Easter recipes, including marshmallows and an Easter biscuit recipe, click here.

My favourite find this Easter is the Ototo Bunny Pops. Moulds for making iceblocks in the shape of bunnies and the best bit is, they come out of a magicians hat! So cool! Check them out at Happy Tummies (wish I had small toddlers to get some myself)

By the way, the lovely folks at Biome suggest ordering before Wed 25th March to make sure you get your order in time, which means it’s time to get shopping before it’s too late!

Now you have a heap of additive free and mostly organic, dairy and gluten free Easter options for your family this year, no one needs to miss out on yummy chocolate and there’ll be no one climbing the walls either! ☺ Does your family have a favourite Easter chocolate that’s good for food sensitivities? Let me know in the comments below, or on The Food Werewolf Facebook page by clicking here.

Happy Easter shopping!

Loren x

PS You will notice that a lot of the chocolates suggested in this blog are also Fairtrade, which is important considering chocolate is often sourced from countries that definitely need the support of Fairtrade practices.