How do I print copies of the recipes on this website?

I’ve made the recipes and fact sheets pretty as well as informative 🙂
If you would like to print them, simply click on the little pdf icon that looks like this…
It will bring up a pretty A4 size pdf ready for you to print.
If you don’t already have a PDF reader installed, please click on the ‘get Adobe reader icon’ below so you can download and print.
If things are still giving you troubles, please contact me by clicking here, and I will do my best to sort it!

What are additives?

Click here for a information on additives, where to find them and a list of the behavioural and physical issues to which they are linked.

How do I know which additives I should avoid?

Click here for full lists and short lists of additives used in foods, including lists of additives to avoid for those who experience ADHD, Asthma and skin issues.

What are salicylates?

Click here for a factsheet on salicylates and a list with the levels of salicylates in many common foods and drinks.

What are amines?

Click here for a factsheet on amines and a list of foods containing amines.

What are glutamates?

Click here for a factsheet on glutamates and a list of foods containing glutamates.