gf strawb sponge 1No matter how old you are, there’s just something special about being spoilt by your parents on your birthday isn’t there? For the rather momentous birthday of mine late last year, I was very fortunate to have my dear folks visiting, which meant I got a yummy home cooked meal and birthday cake made by my beloved (and very talented) Mum. Yay! Normally my darling children concoct a delicious meal for me, complete with birthday cake and special treatment, which I must say is also rather nice, however this time they got help, so everyone was a winner!

Now I hear you asking… what was on the menu? Well, due to our location, I had to wait for my favourite dinner (as seafood is hard to get in the middle of nowhere) but I wasn’t too perturbed by this as we were soon off to smell the salty air and partake in said seafood. So instead, I’ve opted for one of the kid’s favourites – chicken schnitzel – made from scratch and additive and gluten free of course! Our schnitzel was served with a mighty big salad and organic gherkins… which hit the spot on a summers evening I must say.

But of course, the main hoo ha is all about the cake at a birthday party (yes I don’t mind a piece of cake every now and again), so my special request for this birthday was my dear Mum’s amazing sponge cake, complete with layers of custard, cream and fresh strawberries. Yummo! Again, of course, everything (including the decadent custard!) was made from scratch, additive free, gluten free and mostly organic.

gf strawb sponge 2

Let me tell you right now – the end result tastes as good as it looks! And in the spirit of all things festive, I got permission from my Mum to spread the loving and share her recipe for this delicious cake… woohoo! And so the recipe was added to my new eBook Going Gluten Free Permanently for all to enjoy.  Happy birthday to everyone!

Now we all thought my birthday cake looked so darn good and we just happened to have a terribly talented photographer friend of ours visiting – enter Deb from Debonair Photography.  With Deb’s beautiful images, it was unanimously decided that we should put my Mum’s delicious creation on the cover of my gluten free ebook for all to see that going gluten free doesn’t have to mean eating cardboard (despite popular myths!).

And there you have the story behind The Food Werewolf Guide: Going Gluten Free Permanently cover image… a combination of family, friends and good times turned into something rather special and memorable.

Now whilst the title is a bit of a mouthful, my eBook is well worth a taste too and is available for you to bite into right now! Click here to find out more about my gluten free eBook.

I highly recommend making my fabulous birthday cake for any occasion, because quite frankly I don’t think you need an excuse to make it – any day is a good day for cake I say!  So go on – grab your copy today so you can get baking! 🙂

Oh! And if you do happen to bake my mum’s sponge cake recipe, please share your work of art on Facebook by clicking here… I’d love to see your masterpiece!

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Happy birthday to all and I do hope you enjoy your cake as much as I did!

Loren x

PS A big thank you to my wonderful parents, family and friends for helping me celebrate my birthday and for their endless unconditional love and support. It was a special day and I feel very fortunate and grateful!


  1. Carol Lengyel says:

    Hi So glad I was there to make your Birthday Cake and enjoy my darling daughter on such a special occasion. Love and Hugs Mum xoxo

    • Thanks Mum. Was a great day and a delicious cake! I felt very fortunate to have you both there 🙂 xoxo