release expectations

In many ways, expectations are often our undoing.  Don’t get me wrong – investing energy on future possibilities can be beneficial – that’s what dreams are made of… and there’s nothing wrong with dreaming!  But they can also set us up for failure if they are unrealistic expectations, which for a parent is often the realm in which they lie.  How often do we expect our kids to be perfect and then wonder why they weren’t?  Well, I have one very important point for you to consider… 

It’s unrealistic to have expectations of nice behaviour when food additives are involved. 

How can we expect to feel good, share our love and energy with others and deal with day to day life when our body balance is out of whack physically, mentally and emotionally?  Likewise, how can we expect our kids to behave, learn, deal with emotions and respond to us if they have food additives confusing things?

Food additives get in the way and put us off centre.  They mess with our thoughts and help create unrealistic expectations.  They affect our whole beings, which stops us from having a fighting chance to overcome our expectations and deal with each moment as it comes.

So if expectations take our focus off ‘living in the moment’ and additives exacerbate the problem, what do we do?

Sure, we can’t predict the future, we can’t know how our kids will behave every moment of every day, but if we are balanced and centred, we can deal with each moment with calm clarity and our kids have a better chance of making good choices with their behaviour.

So here’s what we can do to get balanced and centred.


Try these three simple steps to regain your balance, refocus on the now and let go of expectations.

Step 1  Give your body the purest and highest level of energy possible.  Give your kids the best possible chance to feel energised, calm and happy by only fueling them with pure, fresh food, free of additives. It’s much easier to function when we fuel ourselves with the right food.

Step 2  Rediscover ‘you’ with a little ‘me time’! (It helps you find your balance within so you can let go of expectations)

Rediscovering the ‘you’ by doing the things you love is powerful.   It’s those ‘me time’ moments that energise you and help you be a happier person and a better Mum.  As a parent, it’s easy to forget how a little ‘me’ time goes a long way.  When we take on the role of being a Mum, I think we all forget who we are a little and allow expectations of perfection to assist this imbalance.

I know I did a great job of this, but once our family changed to an additive free lifestyle I was able to start focusing on finding balance again – finding me. Without food additives, things became calmer, which gave me the opportunity to enjoy each moment with a lot more clarity.  And with clarity came the realization that I don’t have to be perfect and nor do our kids.  Letting go of this expectation of perfection gave me freedom to make mistakes, learn from them and move on.

What are some great ‘me time’ activities? I recommend meditation, yoga, exercise, music, dancing, books and sport or anything that involves reconnecting with whatever you love to do.

Step 3  Appreciate and live in the moment. Smile and enjoy life! graititudeandwonder

Without expectations guiding your every move, it’s much easier to appreciate and enjoy where you are at and who is surrounding you.  It’s the difference between losing it when you child does, and trying not to laugh as they assert their independence and voice their opinion.  Take time to breathe, make a conscious decision to start each day with a positive and enjoy the moment!


We are all wonderfully imperfectly beings who deserve maximum input to give maximum output. With a foundation in healthy fresh foods, you can start to rediscover what helps you get centred and stay sane without additives messing with your motivation and emotions.

Let go of expectations of perfection and find your balance within with pure, fresh, additive free food.  The bonus is, by doing so, not only do you find a happy place, but you will transform your little werewolves into calm happy beings too!

Friday nights are a great time to start with a little me time… So go on!

Enjoy the moment, release your expectations!

Loren x