Going Gluten Free Permanently eBook On Sale Now!

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I am very excited to announce my new eBook The Food Werewolf Guide: Going Gluten Free Permanently is officially on sale today! Hooray!  This book is a culmination of many months work to bring you a complete guide to living gluten free for good.  The transformation to a gluten free lifestyle can be an overwhelming one, so I have written this book to help you through the process of change, giving you all the support, tips and tools you will need on your journey to happiness and health.

Because ultimately that’s what it’s all about folks – the process of change.  Whether it’s additives or gluten, food sensitivities are best tackled by dealing with your obstacles to change.  Sure, there are some things to learn about gluten along the way (and this info is in the book too!), but ultimately, if you want to get rid of gluten for good, you need to master the steps for successful change.  Which is why I used my expertise in psychology and education to write this unique approach to going gluten free for everyone who is struggling or in need of some support and guidance on their journey.

Now I got a little carried away whilst writing this book and ended up writing a mini cookbook too, giving details on how to bake your own gluten free goodies and tackle the gluten free flour world along with 40 of our family’s favourite gluten free recipes for you to try out.  Rather than make it into two books, I decided to whack them together, so Going Gluten Free Permanently actually includes two books in the one handy package – your ‘how to‘ guide for lasting gluten free living and a bonus baking section with recipes!  🙂

Want to know more?  Click here to have a sneak peek at what is inside the book and find out just how much I managed to jam in there for you to happily and easily go gluten free permanently!

Be sure to keep an eye out here on The Food Werewolf blog and on TFW Facebook page over the coming weeks as I have giveaways and special offers to celebrate the release of my new eBook, and if you are a subscriber to my newsletter, do check your emails for a special offer just for you!

If gluten is your nemesis, I do hope you find this book helpful and wish you oodles of success on your journey to health and happiness!

Happy reading!

Loren x

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