Going Gluten Free Permanently Press Release 20th April 2015

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20th April 2015

The Food Werewolf Guide: Going Gluten Free Permanently

Your complete guide to a gluten free lifestyle transformation

Loren Waller, founder of The Food Werewolf, is helping others make the change to a gluten-free way of life for good with her new eBook Going Gluten Free Permanently. This latest product from The Food Werewolf is a quirky and empowering self-help book for anyone with gluten sensitivity, as it guides the reader through the overwhelming change in the way they eat and live.

“My experience has found that you don’t have to be an expert in gluten, you just need to master the process of change”, says Loren.

Drawing on Loren’s expertise in psychology and education and over 12 years experience with food sensitivities, Going Gluten Free Permanently takes the reader through a simple step-by-step approach with all the tasks, tips and resources needed to achieve lasting gluten free living. Using an easy to read friendly relaxed approach and eye-catching imagery The Food Werewolf Guide connects to the reader on a personal level.

“Most folks are after a ‘silver platter’ solution to their food sensitivities, so in this book I have included all that is needed to assist their progression through the change process… from recipes to product recommendations and all the tricks of the trade such as how to read food labels, what to do when eating out and how to avoid hidden gluten”, says Loren.

Readers of Going Gluten Free Permanently have expressed great enthusiasm for it’s emphasis on overcoming the ongoing struggle to achieve lasting gluten free eating habits.

“My eBook aims to move past the current information overload about gluten and why we should avoid it, and instead provide practical steps and support to just make it happen for anyone on the ‘gluten sensitivity spectrum’ – from those with coeliac disease to gluten intolerance”, says Loren.

To promote the release of this exciting new eBook, The Food Werewolf has teamed up with several international leaders in health food and gluten free products including Pureharvest and Santos Organics – to give Australian and USA readers the chance to win free gift hampers and copies of Loren’s latest eBook. Details of these competitions can be found at www.thefoodwerewolf.com

The Food Werewolf Guide: Going Gluten Free Permanently is available online at www.thefoodwerewolf.com from Monday 20th April 2015.


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