Cumquat Jam

Cumquat jam header

PREPARATION TIME: 15 mins plus soaking overnight
SERVES: approx. 3 jars (750g)

500g cumquats
Approx 3-4 cups sugar

* You will need at least 3 sterilized jars* (approx. 250g each) for this recipe, more if you’re lucky enough to have more cumquats (see sterilization tips below)!
* You will also need a small piece of muslin cloth or similar.

1. Cut cumquats into halves or quarters (depending on their size), being careful to remove and keep the seeds. Wrap the seeds in muslin cloth and tie securely.
2. Place cumquats and seeds into a glass or ceramic bowl, pour a little water over the fruit (just enough to barely cover them) and place in the fridge to soak overnight.
3. The next day, measure out your cumquats into a saucepan. For every 1 cup of cumquats, add ¾-1 cup of sugar (depending on whether you like it a bit tart or more sweet). Pour any remaining water from the soaking bowl into the saucepan, add the cloth filled with seeds and cook on low heat for 30 mins or until it’s a lovely golden caramel colour and ready to set (see setting tips below).
4. Whilst still hot, pour the jam into sterilized jars and seal with the lids.

* Be sure to label your jars with the date and type of jam. Your jam will keep for up to 6 months in a well sterilized jar, stored in a cool, dry place.

*To test the setting stage of your jam without a thermometer, try
one of these two methods:
Method 1 – Plate Test
* Chill 2 or 3 small plates in your freezer. Remove jam from heat while doing test. Place 1 tsp of hot jam on the plate and place it back in the
freezer for 1 minute. Remove it and the surface of the jam should wrinkle when the
edge is pushed with your finger. If it doesn’t, continue cooking
your jam and repeat the test every few minutes.
Method 2 – Spoon or Sheet Test

* Dip a cool metal spoon into the boiling jelly mixture and lift the
spoon out of the steam so the syrup runs off the side. When
the mixture first starts to boil, the drops will be light and syrupy.
As the syrup continues to boil, the drops will become heavier
and will drop off the spoon two at a time. When the two drops
form together and “sheet” off the spoon, the jellying point has
been reached.

Always look for organic ingredients to be sure you are avoiding additives or check the label carefully to confirm there are no nasties in your ingredients.