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What’s one of my all time favourite things about summer? (I know, the title gives it away) Yes, it’s mangoes! Growing up in Far North Queensland, it would just be downright weird if I didn’t really. So in light of my obvious delight, I hereby dedicate an entire blog to these orangey-yellow fleshy gems of goodness. Not only are they deliciously sweet and juicy, they are full of goodness and naturally whole, fresh real foods. Chock full of Vitamin A, C, potassium, fibre and betacarotene, mangoes are low GI, high in flavour and a very versatile fruit. No additives here folks! So let’s get started with 10 ways you can enjoy mangoes this festive season.

10 Ways To Enjoy Mangoes

1. Fresh and solo

Sure we can get all fancy with ideas for enjoying your mangoes, but let’s face it, the first and best way to eat a mango is on it’s own, all fresh and juicy. Slice a side cheek of the mango, cut horizontal and vertical lines into the flesh until you touch the skin (but don’t cut through), and push the skin upwards to the flesh pops out into ready made mouthfuls. Then (if you’re in my family) you fight over who gets to suck the flesh off the seed like a flying fox, leaving nothing but bare seed behind (my daughter often wins this round and almost certainly has some fruit bat in her!)

2. Smooth and creamy

A favourite afternoon treat in our house is a delicious icy cold milky mango smoothie. Quick, easy and filling, it takes no time at all to satisfy hungry tummies after a long summer day of school or play. Dairy free? Make it a non-alcoholic version of a pina colada and use coconut milk instead. Simply puree your mango flesh in a blender, add a dash of honey, yoghurt, ice cubes or homemade icecream and you have a mango smoothie deluxe! For extra goodness, add in a sprinkle of chia seeds, LSA, protein powder or probiotics to juice up your smoothie. You can even spice it up with a little cinnamon or nutmeg or include some banana or berries for a different flavour boost. The options are endless!

3. Sweet and Spicy

Mango goes really well with chicken. Add in some chilli and you get a yummy combo of sweet and spicy that even the kids will love. It’s actually a great way to introduce kids to chilli. For a full recipe, I’m afraid you will have to wait just a short while for my new eBook – The Food Werewolf Guide To Go Gluten Free Permanently. Along with this delectable way to enjoy mango, you will find over 30 recipes to help you stay gluten free in the new year – a great way to start the year afresh!

4. From the tree to the sea

Mangoes and prawns – what I call a match made in heaven. Add in some fresh mango, avocado and crispy lettuce, and you’ll never look at a prawn cocktail the same way again. Whether it’s a starter or a main, mangos and prawns are meant to go together and make a great meal. Enough said! Click here for a quick and easy Tangy Seafood Sauce to enjoy with your mango avocado prawn cocktail.

5. Salsa it up

Keeping with the theme of seafood and mango, how about a nice piece of grilled fish with a fresh mango salsa salad? Mango and seafood – it’s a flavour sensation! Click here for a yummy mango salsa recipe.

6. Fruit salad (yummy yummy)

Put simply, a fruit salad is not really a fruit salad without mango (in our family’s opinion anyway)! The more summer fruits the better I say, but without mango, there’s just something missing. Try a combo of watermelon, passionfruit, orange, banana, strawberries, kiwi fruit and mango and watch that bowl of fruit just disappear before your eyes!

7. Daiquiri anyone?

Ok – not one for the kiddies, but still keeping it as additive free as possible, if you’re up for a Christmas drink, stick to vodka (it’s the best option for those with food sensitivities). Mix it with some lime juice, crushed ice and fresh mango and you have yourself a mighty fine tropical festive beverage to cool you down on a fine summers day. (not one for the kiddies unless you skip the vodka of course)

8. Icy is nice-y

I might not be much of a Dr Seuss, but there’s no denying the joy of a frozen mango. Whilst it’s almost blasphemy to freeze them when you can eat them fresh, if you have an over abundance of mangoes (those in the northern parts of this fine country often have such a dilemma), cut them up and freeze them, or get creative and mush them up, freeze them in iceblock moulds (add some yoghurt and/or fresh mint and lime juice if you like). A favourite childhood memory of mine is eating frozen mango and vanilla icecream – a flavour combination to die for folks. However you decide to do it, mangoes are fabulous frozen, and this way your kids don’t miss out on the joys of icey cold mangoes whilst you’re quietly sipping on your daiquiri ☺

9. A marriage made in Fiji (or any tropical island really)

Nothing is a better marriage than the flavours of mango with coconut, especially in a lovely moist cake. (I’m sure they would have met somewhere like in a place such as Fiji, yes?) I’ve previously introduced you to my favourite “throw everything in a bowl, mix it and bake” cake – Coconut Berry Cake… Well, let me now introduce you to my all time favourite variation of this recipe – Coconut Mango cake. Simply substitute the berries for mango and reinvent the beauty of this cake all over again. I actually first tasted a mango coconut cake in my youth as a poor uni student on my way to a favourite surf spot when I stopped off for a bite to eat at a rather famous pie place somewhere between the Qld border and northern NSW. It might have taken me more than 10 years to find this delicious cake again, but when I did, I felt like I was transported back to the sun, surf and carefree days of life as a Uni student. One bite of this cake and you’ll be there too dear reader, I guarantee it!

10. Top it off

It’s not an Aussie Christmas without a marshmallowy, crunchy pavlova at the end of a groaning table of festive food. And what better way to top your pav than with some fresh mango!  You will find an awesome easy pav recipe in my latest TFW Summer Newsletter – it’s a sneak peek into my upcoming gluten free ebook… My wee little Christmas present to you! To access this recipe/sneak peek, simply click here to sign up to my newsletter.

Yep – I love mangoes! And now you have my family’s 10 favourite ways to enjoy them.  Of course, this is just a taste of what mangoes can offer to your culinary world! Homemade chutneys, sauces and jams to mango cupcakes and mousse… the options are endless and the summery joys of mangoes are abundant. So how do you love to eat mangoes?! You can share your favourite mango combos in the comments below or on The Food Werewolf Facebook page by clicking here.

Happy mango munching!

Loren x

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