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Going gluten free permanently is an overwhelmingly steep learning curve. Whether it’s for coeliac disease or gluten intolerance, the key to success is realising you don’t need to be an expert in all things gluten… you just need to master the process of change.  

Combining a background in teaching and psychology with my 12 years of experience in food sensitivities, I have written this eBook to guide and support you through the psychology of successful lasting change in 10 simple steps.

Let me help you make the transformation to a happy gluten free life so you can feel good, for good!

This Book Is For You If …

tickb  you are newly diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity (including coeliac disease)
tickb  you have a child who is suffering from gluten sensitivity
tickb  you are going gluten free and don’t know where to start
tickb  you struggle to stick with living gluten free
tickb  you want to learn how to bake gluten free goodies
tickb  you want some easy gluten free recipes
tickb  you are ready to overcome your gluten obstacles and habits
tickb  you are concerned about the effects of gluten on your body

In This Book You Will Find …

star8 128 pages of professional step by step support & guidance with printable resources including…

star8 Simple tasks, tips & tools to make the change easy & lasting
star8 A checklist to keep you on track & monitor your progress through the change
star8 Troubleshooting tips to correct common gluten free mistakes
star8 Product recommendations so you know what gluten free products to buy
star8 Common substitutes for all the glutinous foods you used to eat
star8 A menu plan template to help you organize your new eating plan
star8 Specific tips for kids to go gluten free
star8 Bonus gluten free baking section and 40 recipes star8

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Here’s What Others Are Saying About Going Gluten Free Permanently…

When you have the knowledge it makes staying away from gluten so much easier! This resource certainly helps to make the GF transition a much more enjoyable process and all the lovely recipes give you the tools to actually do it. – Emily, Loving Earth

This book is beautifully written, motivating, educational and empowering to help you achieve lasting change and good health. With wonderfully clear nurturing instruction & strategies, it is so easy to read & comprehend. And the recipes look so great, they inspired me to want to cook!  I have lived with coeliac disease now for over 30 years.  If only I had something like this when I was first diagnosed. It would have made my life so easy & the change much more bearable – Julie, QLD

The decision that something has to change in your diet because what you’re eating at the moment is making you unwell is the easy part… But when you go to do it, the whole concept is so daunting, you don’t know where to start, you don’t really know what food has gluten and you get to the stage where you think ‘I’m not going to be able to eat anything!!!’ This book is the answer. It has a starting point, with lots of little tips and checklists in the back to help answer all your questions. It has a list telling you where gluten is hidden in food, it has great suggestions and fantastic recipes. It even tells you how to successfully change your ‘normal’ food cooking into gluten free cooking which is so important when you are trying to feed a family. It’s an easy book to read with strategies to deal with this change to a healthier life. I would definitely recommend reading Going Gluten Free Permanently, for anyone wanting to go gluten free – Carolyn, NSW


  1. Julie

    What an inspirational and informative book. So beautifully written, therefore easy to read. It is educational and empowering to achieve lasting change and good health.
    It has wonderfully clear nurturing instructions and strategies which encourages self mastery to achieve your desired change. The recipes look so great, they inspired me to want to cook! I have lived with coeliac disease now for 30 years. If only I had something like this when I was first diagnosed, it would of made my life so easy and the change much more bearable. Julie Qld.

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