The Food Werewolf Guide: Additives Mini eBook


The Food Werewolf Guide: Additives Mini eBook

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Did you know there are over 50 food additives linked to unwanted behavioural and physical symptoms such as ADHD, asthma and eczema?  With some children consuming more than 19 additives a day, how do you know if your family is suffering from the effects of additives?

The good news is, this eBook contains a handy questionnaire to help you determine if your family is consuming potentially harmful food additives and if they are displaying the unwanted symptoms.

Within this mini eBook you will find all the basic information to help you start understanding additives: what they are, who is most affected, common products that contain additives best to avoid and the associated symptoms.

The first step to transforming your family’s life and creating calm is to arm yourself with the basic knowledge about additives and their effects.  To take your first step, get your complete beginners guide to additives, written without the scientific mumbo jumbo in an easy to access pdf format to read on any mobile device.  You can download and view your mini eBook anywhere, anytime in one click!



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