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One of the greatest obstacles for real families in the transition to real foods, is knowing what products to buy and where to find them.

The Food Werewolf is working with leading Australian and International manufacturers and suppliers to provide a comprehensive, technology-focused database that eliminates this massive obstacle in one giant leap!

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Database Products

I am so excited to have some fantastic well-known, high quality, additive free and/or organic products on board The Food Werewolf food database!  These are products my family have been using for quite some time or have been highly recommended by likeminded friends in the community. More brands and products are being added daily, so be sure to check back regularly or follow us on Facebook for updates.

In the meantime, here’s a list of the products currently on board and where you can learn more about their lines and stockists until the database is launched.

Bob’s Red Mill
If you are after a great range of Gluten Free flours try the fantastic line offered by Bob’s Red Mill.  And that’s not all they do – there’s a huge variety of organic and gluten free products (including grains and baking products) available from Bob’s Red Mill.  Until the database is up and running, check out their website for full details on their products and where to purchase them.

Pureharvest have an awesome range of gluten free, lactose free, cane sugar free, additive free and/or organic products, including the well known Organic Rice Malt Syrup (a sugar alternative supported by Sarah Wilson), delicious Organic Almond Milk (along with plenty of other non-dairy milk options), and just about everything in between! Check out their range of products and stockists at

Maleny Cuisine
Maleny Cuisine Chilli Jam has long been a staple condiment on my fridge door.  But that’s not all they make.  Their range includes chutneys, relishes, jams, sauces and dressings, and are mostly free of wheat, gluten, dairy, fish, nuts, eggs and thickeners.

Following The Food Werewolf philosophy to care for all living beings and our planet, Bonah (Beaut Organic Nice and Healthy) products are delicious organic meats direct from the farm to you.  Beef, Chicken, Lamb or Pork are available and I feel very fortunate to be able to access these great products from such a lovely local company! Check out their website for product information and stockists.

A lovely family run business who specialize in superior quality ready-to-use pastry dough that is to die for!  All additive free – including no colourings or preservatives, stabilizers or relaxants.  Divine pastries to help anybody create masterpieces in their home kitchen – a regular go-to product in my household!

With a wide range of products specifically catering to those with allergies, Orgran foods are very recognizable and well-known, especially their gluten free range, with some very yummy pastas!  My family has been using Orgran pasta (especially the spaghetti) and brown rice crumbs for years – it was the pasta that changed my wheat-loving husband to gluten free products!

Daintree Mountain View Vanilla Beans 
Living in absolute paradise creates some rather delicious vanilla beans, and Russell and Teresa take great pride in producing the finest vanilla beans you can buy…My only choice for vanilla beans!  Dried the right way so they retain so much moisture, their deliciously oily plump vanilla beans are one of a kind and make anything taste better!  My favourite way to use their vanilla beans is to make homemade vanilla bean ice cream…Yum!  You can order by contacting them on Facebook at Daintree Mountain View Organic Vanilla Beans 


Thanks to the fabulous distributors/stockists Bio Living, The Food Werewolf Database now also contains information on the awesome products from Late July,  Nature’s Path,  Ecor,  Pacific Living,  2diefor,  Yummy Earth,  Simply Organic,  Artisana,  Snackimals,  Morelli Pasta and  Seventh Generation to help make your additive free food (and cleaning) choices even easier.  Woohoo!