sneaky additives part 2

Finding additives in food can be hard enough.  It means reading labels, checking ingredients and seeing through the tricks on packaging to make you think you’re eating something additive free.   (Click here for help with reading labels)  But what about other sneaky places additives can hide?  Our kids are quite  often consuming or being exposed to a whole gamut of hidden additives, so when going additive free, it pays to think outside the box as you change to healthy eating habits.  That’s why I’ve written this 3 part blog series on sneaky additives!  To help you dear reader, here is another place you can find additives which create unwanted behavioural and physical effects.


In line with my eclectic and holistic beliefs, I often find alternative therapies work best for all manner of ailments.  I do acknowledge though, that medicine does have a place in our world, especially when our little ones are ill and sometimes a combination of alternative/traditional and science-based medication/solutions are needed.

Unfortunately, whilst medications may help on some levels, they are also a prime place for additives to be lurking… ready to undo all your hard work and effort towards creating a happy, healthy and calm kidlet.

Most often, the additives in medication will be in the form of artificial colouring in tablet/capsule and liquid medications. If your child is taking medication – whether it’s for ADHD or a headache, be sure to check with your chemist, pediatrician or doctor if they contain additives in the form of colouring, flavouring or preservatives. If they don’t know, ask!  Failing that, google is always your friend! The bottom line – find out if your child’s medications contain additives and then ask for an alternative that doesn’t.

Why?  Because if you are going to all the effort of eliminating additives from food, your efforts will be null and void with any regular medication containing additives.  At the very least, knowing your child is having medications that contain additives allows for consideration and understanding.

Medication is a commonly overlooked place for sneaky additives, but now you know, there’s no hiding for them anymore!

Keep a check for the final blog in this series, which covers an item with additives that we commonly use for our children.

Does your child take regular medication with hidden additives?

Loren x