sneaky additives part 3

When doing our best to keep our kids additive free, all sorts of things can trigger symptoms and physical problems akin to those found with food intolerances and allergies.  Some problems can be due to sneaky additives ingested in ways we don’t even think about, such as toothpastes and medications.  The last in this series of blogs about sneaky additives covers something that is not technically a food, but nonetheless, worth knowing about as we often use it on our kids and it can give the same unwanted results.  With summer approaching for those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, this blog is of particular significance as we all start to soak up the glorious sunshine and life outdoors.

Suncream/Sunscreen & Mosquito Repellent/Bug Spray

Two of the most common things we smother on our kids skin (other than lotions – see my blog on spring cleaning your body for non chemical alternatives) are suncream and mozzie repellent. Aside from the fact that most ‘common’ suncreams contain a variety of nasty cancer related chemicals (kind of defeats the purpose to lather yourself in something to avoid cancer that actually creates it too…), they also include preservatives and scents/parfums prone to trigger sensitivities or reactions.

So the additives to avoid are plenty, and the solution is simple. Go for natural suncreams of which there are thankfully a few. Here are my suggestions that my family have tried:  Natralia Nourish, Soleo Organics, UV Natural, Miessence, Sunclear, Wotnot.  They are something to get used to as the texture is quite different, so try them out and find the one that suits you.

Ok so technically, mozzie repellant doesn’t contain the additives found in food, but I just had to include it as the ingredients they contain are most often highly toxic (think DEET) and usually come with big Material Safety Data Sheets on how to deal with the contents in emergencies (a mandatory thing if there’s toxic or poisonous chemicals involved…) That’s enough to make me avoid them!

Instead, try Natralia Nourish, Mozzie F.O., Lemon Myrtle Natural Antiseptic Insect Protection Spray, Bug Another (Bugger Off) Insect Repellent, iKOU insect repellent.

A little tip – if the bugs do bite you, use calendula cream as a soother for mosquito bites (and plenty of other things such as cuts). You can also have a go at making your own insect repellent using the right essential oils such a eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, peppermint, etc.

If you’ve made the change to additive free eating and you’re still seeing symptoms persist, perhaps you need to check out these top three sneaky culprits for hidden sources of additives – toothpastes, medications and suncreams/mozzie sprays. The benefits mean you end up with calm happy kids who aren’t being exposed to a wide variety of nasty toxins and chemicals.

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Where have you found sneaky additives lurking?

Loren x
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