Spring is in the air and if you’re embarking on a spot of spring cleaning, I strongly encourage you to delve into the chemical free world of cleaning products and methods. As mentioned in my last blog on Spring Cleaning The Chemical Free Way – Part 1, there are lots of inexpensive options that are easy to make.   However I recognize that we are not all able to make our own products from scratch – life can just be too hectic and sometimes buying a product will sort things a lot quicker! There is no doubt that chemical free cleaning products can be more expensive to buy, so stick to the make your own options as much as possible.  For those in need of some store-bought product recommendations, this blog is for you. 

There really are gazillions of options out there – Australian made and overseas brands, so shop around and see what works best for you.  We have been making our own and buying/trialing a wide variety to work out which we like best.  Here are a few recommendations… Again, please note, there are no affiliations here.  I do not receive any financial benefit from suggesting these products, just trying to help you save time and money so you don’t have to learn by trial and error too!  If you have any favourite products – please let share in the comments below or on my Facebook page.



Seventh Generation – cleaning products.  The washing powder, surface spray and shower cleaner are excellent!

Miessence – beauty, hair, perfume, handwash and cleaning products.  I highly recommend the face moisturiser, exfoliant, body moisturizer, hand cream, vanilla surface cleanser (comes as a concentrate that lasts a long time) and liquid concentrate handsoap (also lasts a long time and lathers well).  I also use the MiEssence organic perfume range – love the ‘free’ and ‘love’ scents.  I will talk more about their awesome toothpaste in an upcoming blog… stay tuned!

Billy Goat Soap – goats milk soap – the milk and honey smells good enough to eat, and the natural bar is great for kids sensitive to perfumes and chemicals (especially good for eczema)

Melrose Castile Liquid Soap – refillable hand soap without the nasties that also lathers well and lasts forever

Cinderella cleaning products – they smell delicious and do the job with cleaning, so they end up being an air freshener and cleaner in one

Sanctum soap bars – Because organic and natural soap bars are made of only the good stuff, they can be prone to disappearing at a greater rate then ‘normal’ soap.  Try to keep them dry (not sitting in a puddle of water slowly disintegrating) or in an enclosed case when not in use  so you can still reap the benefits as they dissolve a little.  Sanctum bars are particularly good at lasting longer than some other brands I have used.  (There are also quite a few ‘no name’ type organic soap bars I have used in the past that are great for lasting longer too – especially ones made with coconut oil or olive oil).

LilyLovesPearl – beauty products.  Highly recommend the hyper hydrate face moisturiser, rose toner spray and the face cleanser is one of the few organic ones I’ve found that actually lathers a bit and feels like your skin is squeaky clean afterwards.  (sometimes there’s just  something about having a lather to make things feel cleaner I think!)

Dr Bronner’s Soap and Shaving Cream range – We’ve used a whole heap of different shaving creams in our time and find this one to be the best.  Always leaves your skin moisturized (I particularly like the yummy lavender smelling one!)

It’s worth noting, that if you are particularly sensitive to salicylates, a lot of scented products may trigger reactions through mere inhalation (eg: mint) so whenever possible, stick to unperformed cleaning and beauty products.

Remember, this list is just a taster to get you started on using chemical free products for your spring cleaning.  When you’re ready, you can try making some of your own concoctions to save money by checking out Part 1 of this blog (click here to read).  Either way, whether it’s your house or your body, you deserve to feel good and be toxin free inside and out!  Let me know if you try any of these, or have your own favourite products to share!  You can comment below or post a message on Facebook by clicking here.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Loren x