Super Easy Summer Salad Recipes

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I’m just not ready for summer to end yet. There’s something wonderfully cleansing and energising about summer. Not only does it sort out your skin with all that lovely fresh air, sunshine, humidity (or nature’s all over steam facial), salty surf and sand (again natures all over exfoliation or skin scrub)… But it also helps to cleanse us from the inside out with deliciously light summer meals that satisfy without weighing us down. The best bit about salads?  Homemade fresh salads are additive free and chock full of nutritional goodness!

So today’s blog is dedicated to the fabulous summer salads. Here are four of our favourites that featured prominently in the festive season meals to lighten things up amidst the groaning overcrowded tables of delicious food.

Summer Salad 1 – Bean Salad

Now this salad may have a little touch of the 70’s about it but it’s still a favourite in our family and full of beany goodness! We love having this one with a bbq.  Remember when making this salad to go for vinegar and salad dressing that is free from preservatives and other additives such as colouring.  We used IGA’s organic gluten free Italian salad dressing to make this salad last weekend and it worked a treat!  This is one of those salads that’s almost better the next day as it’s had time to sit in all the tangy juices of the dressing.
Click here for the recipe.

summer salad 1

Summer Salad 2 – Pumpkin Beetroot Feta Quiona Salad

A spectacularly easy and versatile salad, this one can stand alone as a meal or accompany just about anything from seafood to chicken, beef or lamb. And it just looks so colourful and pretty, doesn’t it? There’s a variety of textures, nutritious super foods and tastes that just combine so nicely – especially the old pumpkin and cheese combo, which is an all time favourite of mine.  Be sure to check your feta cheese is preservative free.

Click here for the recipe and be sure to check out the suggested variations at the bottom… A simple swapping of the nuts or leaves can change things up enough to make it a whole new dish.
For dressings, try a drizzle of balsamic vinegar (go for organic to avoid the preservatives/sulphites) or a quick mixture of lemon or orange juice, wholegrain mustard and macadamia oil with a touch of honey for a little more zing works nicely (again, check the ingredients of your mustard or go organic so it doesn’t contain colouring and preservatives).

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Summer Salad 3 – Hungarian Cucumber Salad

A childhood favourite that never ceases to please, this refreshing salad is a staple with schnitzel in our family. Again full of fermenting goodness, it’s zingy flavour can be enjoyed for days to come. To make the slicing easy peasy, use a food processor slicing blade so you end up with quick even super thin slices of cucumber. This recipe is so easy and quick and a really great way to use up cucumbers that are looking like they are ready to turn to the dark side in your fridge.
Click here for the recipe.

summer salad 4

Summer Salad 4 – Salsa Salad

Throw together some fresh avocado, red onion, crunchy corn kernels, homegrown tomatoes, capsicum and sweet snow peas, squeeze on a little lime juice and voila! You have a delicious salsa with all the textures and flavours of summer. For variety, add some orange segments, carrot, cheese or fresh coriander.  Be sure to squeeze the lime juice liberally over the avocado to stop it going brown.  This salad is a great lunchbox filler for the kids too.
Click here for the recipe.

I love a super cleansing crunchy salad in the summer time and they come in so many varieties, the options are truly endless. What is your favourite summer salad? Do share your masterpieces on The Food Werewolf Facebook page or in the comments below – I’d love to try them!

Happy summer salad creating!

Loren x
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  1. Carol Lengyel says:

    All those salads look so yummy and we can testify that they taste as good as they look. Well done. x