ebook download instructions image 2Having trouble downloading, opening or reading your eBook? Here are a few tips to help you out.

star8  Your email confirming your order/purchase is complete will also contain a link to directly download your copy of The Food Werewolf eBook. Simply click on the highlighted link situated below the Product Description in your Order Details.

star8  The downloaded file will be saved to your computer with the words TFW at the beginning of the file name.

star8  Please note: you have two weeks and 3 attempts to download from this link before the link expires. Please contact me if it locks you out.

star8  The Food Werewolf eBooks are in PDF format. You will be able to read it in iBooks, Adobe Acrobat, Kindle, Safari, Chrome and any PDF reader!

star8  Once your eBook is downloaded, you can view it on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

star8  If you download the eBook on your computer first, to read the eBook on your personal device, either open the PDF file on your device directly from the link in your email (as above) and it will direct you to your browser (on an iPad, this will take you to Safari) and then after a few moments it will ask you where you would like to open it (eg: Open in iBooks, Open in…).

star8  If your eBook fails to download, please click here and I will be in contact within 48 hours.