The times, they are a-changing…

Fellow friends of The Food Werewolf may be aware that we are all about change.  Change is good! Change helps expand the mind, body and soul. It also brings about a good dose of fear and self evaluation, but this is also a helpful part of the journey… However I am not about to delve […]

Are You Sensitive To Salicylates?

Here at The Food Werewolf, we spend a lot of time talking about looking at what you eat and drink to help you find calm and balance. In short, if you or your family have unwanted behaviour or physical issues, it’s always a good starting point to eliminate food additives – especially artificial colouring and […]

Does Your Family Need To Avoid Food Additives?

Things are a little busy here at The Food Werewolf den with new additions to the family in the form of eight furry puppies… Of course this means not a lot is getting done but there’s oodles of cuteness and love to go around.  Yay! This precious time shared with our furry kids and the changes […]

Is Beer Gluten Free?

Just diagnosed as a coeliac or sensitive to gluten? Want to know if you can still drink beer? In essence, the answer is no. Beer contains gluten.  But if you’re a beer lover, do keep reading, as you don’t have to take no for an answer! Ok folks, this blog is not one for the kids. This […]

The Food Werewolf Pureharvest Gluten Free Hamper Giveaway Competition! – Now Closed

You may have heard the news that I have a new gluten free ebook Going Gluten Free Permanently released today.  Well the good news just keeps coming!  To celebrate the release of my eBook, I am teaming up with some of the leading gluten free brands and suppliers to run several giveaway competitions and offer special discounts […]

Going Gluten Free Permanently eBook On Sale Now!

  I am very excited to announce my new eBook The Food Werewolf Guide: Going Gluten Free Permanently is officially on sale today! Hooray!  This book is a culmination of many months work to bring you a complete guide to living gluten free for good.  The transformation to a gluten free lifestyle can be an overwhelming […]