Before I started The Food Werewolf program, I was worried about my children being on medication that they were on for ADHD and ADD. After trying the program, I now have two of my children completely off medication and the third one on a reduced dose.

A lot of people have commented on how different my children are behaving, because the kids are calmer and more willing to listen. They are getting a better nights sleep, also going to bed easier and not waking up too early. There is more peace and harmony in our house, less fighting and yelling.

I found the meals to be tasty and filling, the kids would come back for seconds AND eat my lunch for the next day! I found the program to be easy to follow. It was great that my meals were planned out for each day and I didn’t have to think what to cook. Even my husband helped cook the meals!

I received a letter in the mail to say how well my daughter was going at school – she has been off medication since the beginning of the year, when we started The Food Werewolf program. So I only have the change in diet to thank for her great behaviour.

I found the support amazing, without The Food Werewolf, I couldn’t or wouldn’t have made the changes. Thank you Food Werewolf!

Debbie – NSW


There are so many supportconceptwonderful things to say about Loren. She is the most fantastic person I’ve had the privilege of meeting! Her passion, knowledge, professionalism and skill in creating The Food Werewolf are a testament to who she is and what she believes in.

Loren was my psychologist when I was suffering severe depression. Her professionalism, empathy, guidance, spiritual beliefs, generosity and belief in me, let me believe in myself again and pick up the pieces to begin a new life, showing me how to leave the past behind safely. Delving into the past is the hardest thing I had to do. She was the one to help me do this! I cannot thank her enough and still see her when the mountains seem too hard to climb list! She is an angel, surrounded by all her angels!

Having witnessed the enormous, positive changes in the families she has helped with implementing The Food Werewolf, I can only say “this is it – it is the way to go”. Change is hard but change is good and it works.

I send love and light to Loren, her beautiful family and all those who join The Food Werewolf Programme. With her expert knowledge and guidance you will bear the fruits of peace and harmony in your family.

Jacky – NSW



girlIf food is your enemy and you would like to make friends with your digestive system and control your allergies or intolerances, then I have the answer for you.

My gorgeous friend Loren is helping people to make the change when they are diagnosed or wanting to change their diet.

Regardless of the issue, Loren IS the missing link to implement these changes into your life.

Sandy, Shambala Massage Clinic – NSW