Happy Mother's Day!

With a rather busy weekend planned, I thought it best to get in early and wish all the Mums out there a very Happy Mothers Day for this Sunday.  And what better way to spoil Mum than by putting an end to the morning frenzy associated with packing school lunchboxes?!  No more arguments over what to eat that is still healthy and nutritious, no more little werewolves due to additive laden lunchbox fillers – nothing but calm happy mornings and afternoons with your little beings enjoying yummy snacks that don’t end up in the bin.

How is this possible you might ask?

It’s as easy as signing up to my easy3newsletter so you can receive my free eBook The Silver Bullet Lunchbox – chock full of menu planning and strategies to create calm, receptive kids and yummy additive free lunchboxes.

And I suggest you get a wriggle on and sign up now as it’s merely days away until the official release of the very first The Food Werewolf newsletter and eBook. Hooray!

Did I mention the eBook is free? 🙂

That’s my present to every Mummy out there!

If you’re a fortunate Mum celebrating this Sunday, I hope you get spoiled rotten, relax, enjoy and have a weekend filled with love, laughter and yummy additive free food!

Happy Mothers Day!

Loren x
The Food Werewolf