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One of my favourite winter meals is pumpkin soup.  After a lovely quick catch up lunch with a friend recently, I thought it would be nice to share what we had for lunch, as I humbly think this is one perfect pumpkin soup recipe.  Now I don’t take full credit for this soup – my lovely mother-in-law actually gave me a recipe that I then modified slightly, so big thank you to Vanda for sharing and in true pay-it-forward fashion, I will continue to spread the lovin’ this delicious soup brings by sharing it here with you! 🙂

Click here for the recipe.

When I think of comfort food, a warm bowl of pumpkin soup in my hands on a cold winter night is certainly on of the first things that comes to mind.  Of course, this recipe is also gluten free and additive free.


This simple recipe is quick and easy, full of flavour and sweet pumpkin-y goodness :-).  The secret to this soup is in the quality ingredients…

* First, choose a good organic pumpkin with lots of colour.  I prefer Jap pumpkins for this recipe.  Roasting the pumpkin helps to bring the sweet full flavour to this soup.

* Next, make sure it’s quality real organic butter (or if not organic, at least pure butter – not a blend).

* The shallots really give great flavour, so try not to substitute them for normal onions – it just won’t be the same.

* Be sure you use a nice quality stock.  The better the stock, the nicer the flavour of your soup.  Best option is to make your own organic stock.  You can click here for an easy chicken stock recipe.  If you are vegetarian, swap for a vegetable stock (click here for this recipe).  If you don’t have homemade stock, substitute for broth from organic stock powder or cubes.  Other option is to go for a ready-made stock from the supermarket with no flavours or preservatives (e.g.: Campbell’s Real Stock).

* Finally, make the cream a good quality organic cream too.

We eat our pumpkin soup with fresh gluten free brown bread, warmed organic sourdough or gluten free Dr Schar bread rolls, a dollop of sour cream and a sprig of fresh parsley.  You can substitute the sour cream for organic homemade cream cheese for a healthier option.

Now I know there are loads of pumpkin soup recipes out there (I am also partial to a good Thai pumpkin soup) but for a good old fashioned bowl of comfort food, you can’t go past this recipe.  Give it a try!  Oh and if you do, please send me a pic of your masterpiece on The Food Werewolf Facebook page or Instagram!

Happy cooking!

Loren x

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