Warming Winter Creamy Pork with Tarragon Casserole

pork tarragon casserole image 1

We are being spoilt thanks to my Mum and Dad visiting at the moment so I just had to share one of the delicious meals my Mum has made for us this week 🙂 It’s the perfect warming winter casserole, so quick and easy to make and is a nice change to the usual beef stew.

What makes it so special you ask?  Well, for starters, it made with pork, my husbands favourite – everything tastes better with pork according to him :-).  Personally, I love the mushrooms in this dish as they soak up all the yummy flavour of the herbs and sauce and are delish!

I confess, I haven’t actually cooked with fresh tarragon before, so for me this dish had a whole new refreshing flavour that I am now a little smitten with, so I shall now venture forth and attempt more fresh tarragon flavoured meals!

There are no real hard bits to this casserole – it’s the usual browning of the meat, fry up all the other bits, add almost everything back with  liquid and let it cook away!

Click here for the full recipe.

*Tip: Be sure to go for preservative free cider and mustard for this recipe to keep it additive free as they’re products known to contain preservatives

And if you happen to cook this delicious casserole, please send me pics and let me know what you think of it on Facebook or Instagram as I’d love to see your creations!

Loren x

PS We used delicious organic pork casserole meat from our favourite organic farmer Nathan at BONAH meats for this recipe 🙂

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