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Are you finding it hard to source the right information to help your family make the change to additive free eating? Is the vast interweb as baffling and astounding to you as it is to me? Is your fear of change largely linked to newfangled modern technology?

Nope? Ok, maybe it’s just me!

I was a latecomer to the wonders of mobile phones and the internet…. It took me a while to jump on the bandwagon. I’m a purist at heart – give me real music, real food, real conversation with real people… and for a while there, this was my obstacle to growth and change.

But no more! I have welcomed the cyberworld with somewhat reluctant open arms, and embraced the wonders it beholds, whilst maintaining balance and a strong attachment to all things pure and real (phew!).

Technology can make things easier – and I’ve made it a focus of The Food Werewolf (TFW) to utilise technology as a fantastic tool to support others on their journey to change to an additive free lifestyle. TFW (see I’m even up with the whole abbreviating thing now :-)) is designed to bring together all the hard-to-source tools in the one spot – whether they’re recipes, pick me up motivators or the latest gluten free flour mixes – and then give you my personal tips and strategies to make the most of those tools for effective lasting change.  I am even creating an online database solely using technology to make your additive free shopping and product choices quick and easy (stay tuned!).

But we’re not just in the one spot!

Did you know TFW is also on Facebook and Pinterest?

If you like my TFW Facebook page, you can get up to date posts on my latest blogs and what’s new on TFW website too.

And if you want to try some great recipes I’ve been collecting since my entrance to the Matrix, or get a little pick me up motivational meme to keep you on track, check out TFW Pinterest boards.

Yes, you can get all this great info on TFW website too by visiting the Knowledge Centre, Recipes or a Little Bit Of Love pages, but sometimes, I’m sneaky and put other stuff in different places such as Facebook and Pinterest just to keep you on your toes and test out your technological savvy-ness :-).

Now don’t worry if Facebook and Pinterest aren’t for you… you can also get email updates on all things TFW-ish by signing up to my newsletter. It’s the closest I can get to the old-fashioned ‘dropping you a line the snail mail way’ of communicating…. (unless of course you would prefer to chat in the comments below)

Gosh! The options are endless aren’t they? No more need to feel you are lacking in support or company… I’m right here when you need a chat. Or on Facebook. Or Pinterest. Or email

Either way, I’m super keen to help you and your family find that calm happy place called an additive free lifestyle, and thanks to TFW online and in social media, it never has to be hard to find information or strategies for an additive free change again.

So go on! Get in touch with your inner Neo now!  Send me a message… let me know what you need help with… share your favourite additive free tips and keep in touch with our wonderful additive free community…

Happy interwebbing!

Loren x

PS if you click on the words Facebook, Pinterest or Email or any words that are highlighted in this blog, they’re all links that can take you straight to me in cyberworld 🙂