Looking for something different to cook this week?  I love hearing what others have made for their week’s meals – gives me heaps of inspiration and spurs me on to try new things.  I have been asked plenty of times what we eat and what the kids put in their lunch boxes.  Some of that is revealed in my newly released eBook (free to you for merely signing up to my newsletter ☺)…  And since I’m feeling a little chuffed with my productivity last week I thought it was a great time to blog about what additive free things I’ve been cooking.

This coincides nicely with the launch of our lovely new Recipes page on The Food Werewolf website (under Resources tab)! Some of the recipes below can be found there, and if you would like more, please let me know and I’ll pop them on too.

Our week started off well with a cook2quick cook up of the yummiest gluten free lemon cake with cream cheese frosting… Delectable, and even better as I had my darling daughter help me make it (lemons being one of her favourite foods)!  According to my daughter, it tastes just like Grandma’s Hungarian palacsintas (Hungarian crepes with a delicious lemon cream cheese filling)!  That’s a hard act to follow let me tell you! The kids loved this cake as a treat in the lunchbox on Monday, and with only a little organic coconut sugar and being gluten free, it was an ok treat without any nasties.

An old favourite the kids constantly ask for is chicken schnitzel and chicken parmiagana…  Ok so maybe not entirely healthy sounding, but you might be surprised!  I use chicken breast cut into thinner pieces, crumb with gf flour, egg and gf brown rice crumbs and shallow fry in coconut oil mixed with a little bit of peanut oil (I know, but it’s only every now and again!).  Thanks to my European heritage (my Dad’s Hungarian), it’s mandatory you eat schnitzel with gherkins (I’m super keen to try making these myself, but for now I buy organic ones) with mash (I use a blend of potato and pumpkin mashed) and depending on the weather, either steamed veges or a big helping of salad.  Always a hit!

So the alternative – chicken parmiagana, is wayyyy healthier, believe it or not!  No crumbing, no nasties, just chicken breast cut width ways to be thinner, pan fried in coconut oil to seal, smeared with a tomato paste/fresh Italian herbs and garlic mix, and topped with fresh basil leaves and slices of feta cheese, then finished off in the oven.  See! Super healthy!  And as my son says, it’s really pizza on a chicken!

So that was one of our dinners.  Some lunch treats I have whipped up this week?
We had the mandatory honey soy marinated chicken drumsticks… see my recipe on the website Recipes page for the marinade or cheat (like I have in the past!) and use a honey soy garlic marinade from Ozganics that is yummo!  I marinated them overnight before cooking to really make them super tasty and cooked them in a hot oven until they were all caramelised and sticky.

The kids also had wraps with leftover chicken schnitzel, salad, homemade cream cheese, avo, mayo and a smear of Maleny Cuisine Chilli Jam (easy to have this on just about any wrap, corn thin or lunch type meal!).

For another lunchbox filler, the kids had organic pork mince Asian meatballs, with organic fresh coriander, ginger, garlic and chilli, a bit of tamari and sweet chilli sauce.

They also took a quick yummy cook3salad for lunch one day that was just roasted pumpkin, roasted beetroot, chick peas, feta cheese (this one was Lemnos feta), and roasted cashew nuts, with baby spinach.  Took 5 mins to chop and then just left everything to roast.  So great because you can bung it together in no time!

I had some leftover cabbage, zucchini, corn, carrot and mashed potato and pumpkin from the schnitzel night, so I added some tuna, Ozganics sweet chilli sauce, egg and grated tasty cheese, rolled them into patties and coated in brown rice crumbs.  Another lunchbox nibbly or wrap filler done.

Then my poor girl got a tummy cook4bug, so I made a quick chicken soup with leftover homemade chicken stock from the freezer, fresh celery, onion, homegrown garlic, carrots, fresh parsley, corn kernels and pan fried (in coconut oil) some chicken breast to cut up and add to the soup.  Served with some rice noodles, she was soon feeling much better ☺

To help her temperature come down when she was back to eating, my beautiful girl also enjoyed some frozen yoghurt ice-blocks – using Jalna biodynamic natural yoghurt, Five am vanilla and Five am creamy greek natural yoghurts – with frozen Oob berries (for the vanilla ones) and slices of fresh banana (for the natural ones).

I invited a friend over for dinner at late notice so my quick chicken dish was called upon – check out the recipes page for this one…  A tried and true favourite again and super easy!  Oh and I happened to have some organic sherry, apple cider and red wine vinegar this time and it ended up the best jus yet!  And with yummy fresh parsley, Barambah sour cream and Norganic soy mayo, the potatoes went home with our friend for lunch the next day!

The piece de resistance for my son cook5came when I managed to make him (after asking for ages!) spinach and feta rolls for lunch.  This recipe is also on the website Recipes page and is so easy to make, you’ll never buy one again!  And chock full of spinach and kale, it a great way to get some greens into the kids.

Our weekend was chock full of sport, so snacks were taken – our stock standard vege sticks (carrot, cucumber, snow peas, capsicum) and cheese with rice crackers (these ones were Ceres organic tamari rice crackers – now on my favourites list!), fresh crispy apples, yoghurt (Five am this time) and Junee chocolate coated raspberry licorice for a treat.  But the biggest bonus was that we were near Orange in NSW for one of the sporting occasions, and managed to duck into my favourite bakery – Racine – and pick up a car load of yumminess!  Organic sourdough loaf, Organic olive oil loaf, the best buttery crispy organic croissants, and a number of treats including a yummy pull apart type brioche (soooo similar to my darling Mum’s amazing buns and fruit scrolls) and our all time favourite chocolate eclairs that are to die for!!

Oh and before you think this is all too good to be true, I did have a big day and not get time to cook dinner one night, so it was organic baked beans on toast with grilled cheese on top and boiled eggs!  And I didn’t even have any homemade baked beans, so it was Whole Earth bought ones this time ☺  And after another big day, tonight is just grilled fish on the barbie and salad…

The best thing is, quite a few meals had leftovers or were double batches so the freezer is stocked for a short while for lunchboxes and snacks.  Phew!  Don’t know when I’ll get such a spurt on again, so that’s a good thing!

What did you happen to cook up this week?  Care to share?  Head to Facebook, comment below or pin a picture our Pinterest board and let us know!

Happy cooking!

Loren x
The Food Werewolf